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15 Years ago today Dandy was perplexed. There are no pictures of the events described in the interests of common decency!

Current Thinking
Jun. 19th, 2003 at 9:07 AM

I worry about the 2 foots. No really, I do worry about them they seem to have an absolute obsession with poo. I would not mind so much if it were there own poo, but they are always poking about in ours! I mean take last night for instance. My pet 2 foot came home, hauled Flopsy Girl out of our cage, and after grooming her, without any warning, flipped her upside down, and started examining her nether regions. The next thing we knew, he had whisked her upstairs, and dumped her in this big deep plastic thing. Well, next thing she knew, the 2 foot put some water in the big deep plastic thing, and then started washing Flopsy Girl's back side. I ask you, the indignity! I think what annoys me the most is that she obviously enjoys all the attention (although they had better not try that one with me I'm telling you!).

The next thing, I'm being lifted out of the cage, and groomed (which is absolutely fine of course), but then, he had the gall to flip me over on my back! I do not know how best to describe the sequence of events that followed, but suffice it to say, it involved my backside, and some baby wipes!

In addition to everything I have just told you, both Flopsy Girl & I have caught the 2 foots poking about in our litter tray to see what we have left. Strange.......
Current Mood: weird


Jun. 19th, 2003 03:52 am (local)
I think it must be in the air, my 2foot did the same thing to me last night, whisked me off to what we call the pit to have a wash. Although, think yourself lucky, my bottom gets wiped everyday!


Jun. 21st, 2003 02:30 pm (local)
Bottoms and poo
I'll tell you Thumper, I really don't get this poo thing. I'm usually very good at keeping myself clean, ok, so sometimes I overdo it with the treats and stuff, and I get the runs, so I guess it's ok for my 2 foot to look after me when I'm under the weather, but to give my backside a scrub just because it has an odd current stuck to it, COME ON!

He (my 2 foot) keeps going on about something called fly strike, but I have no idea what that is.

Flopsy Girl on the other hand seems to really enjoy having her bits seen to (I think strictly between you and me she's a bit kinky!)

Jun. 23rd, 2003 05:41 am (local)
Re: Bottoms and poo
Hello Dandybun its Bic here.
I think that all two-foots have a poo obsession, my two foot even collects my poo sometimes! And that whole 'flipped-upside-down-and-bottom-wiped-with-a-baby-wipe' thing happens to me all the time!! How embarrassing! They wouldn't like it if they had to have it done!!



Is not a kipper. Just because I'm off for a kip I'm still a rabbit (I've seen the pictures)

Posted by Annie Prie Minister on 18 Jun 2018, 11:45

Dandy's Journal revisited

15 years ago today and Dandy was engaged in his favourite hobby... Self promotion!

Somewhere to visit
Jun. 18th, 2003 at 10:56 AM

Greetings to you all. I know that I now have many loyal admirers throughout the world, and as I am a thoroughly generous bun, I thought that I might give some of you something back. As you may be aware, my pet 2 foots are members of an Internet discussion group called UK-Pet-Rabbits. This group now has a really good web site that you should visit. There are pictures of me, advice on how to adopt a rabbit, pictures of me, tips on diet, pictures of me, some stuff on other rabbits, pictures of me, a memorials page, and pictures of me. The address of the web site is :


Please visit the web site soon.

P. S. Did I mention that there are pictures of me on it?
Current Mood: satisfied


Jun. 18th, 2003 06:56 am (local)
We've just visited the uk-pet-rabbits site, what lovely pictures especially of some-bunn called Dandy with Flopsy, you could have told us you would be in one of the photographs!!!!. Unfortunately our 2foot is having problems joining 'yahoo', but we understand she is waiting on a confirmation from yahoo. Once she has received this we'll hassle her to join and hopefully get our wonderful faces in.

Thumper-Binx, Mister Jingles and Loppy

Jun. 18th, 2003 01:46 pm (local)
Hello, from what we can see, I think our 2foot has now joined uk-pet-rabbits. We very much look forward in chatting.

Bye for now - Thumper-Binx, Mister Jingles and Loppy

Dandy's Journal revisited

15 years ago, Dandy made an unusual entry to his journal. He didn't seem to have anything to complain about!

At last it's a bit cooler
Jun. 17th, 2003 at 10:00 AM

It really feels as though the weather has been really hot for weeks and weeks. Last night, even I got bad tempered and started stamping at my 2 foots. All Flopsy Girl and I have wanted to do is sit at the back of the house in the coolest spot we could find, but this morning.....
The 2 foots came downstairs, and gave us our usual morning treat stick, and a huge clump of hay, and when they opened the house door THERE WAS A COOL BREEZE! As the morning has gone on, it's got cooler and cooler, I'm in heaven!
Current Mood: content

Dandy's Journal revisited

After a short break, 15 years ago today Dandy wrote in his journal...

Do as I say, not do as I do
Jun. 16th, 2003 at 8:06 AM

Those of you who have been paying attention to my musings will remember what I wrote last Wednesday about that pond thing in the garden. Flopsy Girl stressed to me that I should avoid it (an instruction which I of course ignored), but I investigated it anyway, and ended up getting wet!
Anyway, to get to more recent events. Yesterday was so hot it was untrue. The 2 foots took us out into the garden quite early in the morning, and we all stayed there until about 8pm. When it was particularly hot around lunchtime, Flopsy Girl headed straight for the pond, hopped in it, and started eating some particularly lush grass that was growing at one end of it. She did not seem to care that she had wet feet, just as long as she could get to the grass. Then (I'm sure that she does this just to annoy the 2 foots), she decided to hop back, but there were some flowers in her way. She proceeded to bite them all off, just so she could get past without getting her feet wet again!
Another thing. She ALWAYS manages to find the shadiest spot when it's really hot, and of course, there is never enough room there for 2 of us!
Current Mood: bitchy



My pet 2-foot Paul Hutchinson is sulking. He went all the way to Sainsbunny's to get some Fentimans Tonic Water because Sarah Covell said that they sold it there, but they don't.

Posted by Annie Prie Minister on 15 Jun 2018, 08:04



The sun is shining... The birds are singing... I wish they would shut up so that I can get some sleep!

Posted by Annie Prie Minister on 14 Jun 2018, 10:15

Another BunnyTune

As Dandy didn't update his journal 15 years ago today, here's another BunnyTune. This one is by Sue Clarke and it's called Brown Eye'd Bun. The video features Annie & Smokey.



Is that a picture on the wall of the most handsome rabbit ever seen? why no, it's a mirror!

Posted by Annie Prie Minister on 13 Jun 2018, 20:08