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The things I do for you...

Because I am such a generous bun, I have but a link on the left of the page that says "my photos". If you click on this link, it takes you directly to all the pictures of me, Flopsy Girl, and our pet 2-foots that I told you about before.

If enough of you say thank you, I might even put some more pictures there (I might even have one of Uncle Larry the pervert somewhere).

Flopsy Girl was telling me yesterday that she thinks she ought to go see Auntie Francis (the best bunny vet in the world) again soon. It's been a while since she had her teeth done, and she says that her mouth is a little bit sore again, although you would not have thought so when she ran up and pinched my parsley this morning, she scoffed it so quickly you would have thought that she had never been fed!

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