dandy's journal by Arwen (dandybun) wrote,
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Ahh the joys of being a bun

When I was sat on our bunny chair this morning chewing my parsley, I turned to Flopsy Girl and said, "You know it's not such a bad old life really". I mean there's nobun to tell us when to get up, or when to go to bed, there's always food, we have a cardboard playhouse, and lots of toys, so I suppose we can put up with the other serious failings in our 2-foots. The main one is sleep. We nap during the day when it's hot, so that we are all refreshed and can play all night, so what do the stupid 2-foots do? They go out to work when it's hot, and then instead of playing with us all night, THEY GO TO BED! I mean some nights, they go REALLY EARLY. Take last night for instance, they were in bed by 1:30am, and yet they do not get up until 5:30 RIDICULOUS!!! WHY DO THEY NEED SO MUCH SLEEP? Do you think it is because they are so old

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