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More Culture

In her quest to become the most cultured bun in the world, Flopsy Girl has taken to watching the light up box. There is a stick thing that the 2-foots leave lying around, and if you press one of the buttons on it, the light up box comes on...

Anyway, Flopsy Girl was watching the light up box most of yesterday, and after exhausting research, she has confirmed that the most highbrow things that are on there are called "game shows". She says that "game shows" are great, because it shows the 2-foots in their true light, i.e. being greedy and making fools of each other. She said that it was all very educational, but when I asked her t tell me more about it she just said "You are the weakest link - goodbye".

Flopsy Girl is obviously now becoming very knowledgeable. I think that now would be a good time for anybun who has any questions for her problem page to ask her soon, before she gets so cultured that her answers become so deep and meaningful that nobun will be able to understand them!
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