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Fantastic Sunday

What an excellent day we had yesterday. The 2-foots gave us our breakfast, and then went out to plant some things in the garden. First of all the planted some stuff in the front garden, which is a waste of time because we don't go in that one, and then they planted some more stuff in the back garden which included 3 BIG TROUGHS FULL OF HERBS FOR US!!! They also planted some flowers which are a complete waste of space.

The sun shone lots and lots, so me and Flopsy Girl spent most of our time in the shade, not like the stupid 2-foots, who were complaining of being sore from too much sun last night WELL MORE FOOLS THEM!!! They are stupid beyond belief.

Anyway, we munched on grass and dandelions, and herbs and alsorts whenever we wanted, which just about kept us going until we went inside to out big basket of veggies.

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