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An Appeal

Good morning readers.

I want to talk to you today about 2-foots. These poor misunderstood creatures are often thought of as little more than vermin, but if you take time to study them and learn about their little ways, then they can make very rewarding pets. Although it is true that they can be very difficult to train, if you persevere, they can prove to be invaluable, or if you are very lucky, valuable. 2-foots do take a lot of looking after true enough, and nobun should have any illusions about the difficulty of looking after them, but if you are looking for a hobby, then perhaps being a 2-foot owner is for you. There are millions of 2-foots out there without buns to look after them, so please give your time generously.

For more information about 2-foots, and their care, write to Flopsy Girl at bcnews@ntlworld.com and she will answer all your questions on her problem page.

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