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Your Weekly Reminder

As Smokey continues to stuff his face...

It falls upon me to remind you to vote for your favourite BunnyTune.


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Aug. 28th, 2015 08:35 pm (UTC)
Seeing how Smokey has to get to his treats we will vote for I Chewed It My Way
Hope he did not squash you too much Annie
Love Darcy Mitzi and Danny
Aug. 28th, 2015 08:55 pm (UTC)
Hay, Glorious Hay please from both me and mom.
Aug. 28th, 2015 11:11 pm (UTC)
I vote for Furpect Day, because that's what it was like here. Blue sky, white fluffy clouds, a real Fall sky.
Aug. 29th, 2015 08:11 am (UTC)
That picture made us laugh - but onto impawtant things.

This weeks vote is easy for us, so two votes fur ... "Mille Bun, Millie Bun , Oh Millie Millie Bun" please.

Helga & Dolly xx
Aug. 31st, 2015 10:31 am (UTC)
We ALL vote fur 'Binkies in the Rain' this week. (Will it ever stop?)

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