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Dandy's journal 10 years ago today

An important task

I am currently engaged in a very important task. There is an area under the stairs which looks particularly inviting, but the 2-foots have placed a series of obstacles there in a vain attempt to keep us out. One of the items is a cardboard box, which I am determined to demolish before the day is out. I was hoping to take one of my pet 2-foots out into the garden today, but as it is currently raining, I think that I will have to spend all of my time working on the box.
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Aug. 29th, 2005 01:42 pm
My 2foots just had to get a new White Thing where the food lives and it's smaller than the old one, so I can fit back there! Don't tell them!


So thats why you haven't bothered to send out bunny camp news then!


We've had our newsletter this weekend, maybe they forgot the opposition?


Bunny Camp News
I did send it. You obviously have an inferior internet connection (which is only to be expected from an inferior pack).


I love chewing cardboard, it has a nice melt in the mouth texture.
Love Thumper

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