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What a let down

Now as you all know, I'm a reasonable kind of bun. I NEVER fly off the handle, I'm always calm & collected, in fact, I am an example to all as to how to behave... BUT... THE 2-FOOTS LIED TO ME!!!.... Let me start at the beginning. One of my favourite treats is pineapple. For anybun who does not know, pineapple is a fruit which grows in dried slices inside plastic bags. Pineapple is a bit exotic, so it's not always available (I think it takes nearly a week to grow), and as it is a treat, I accept the fact that we can't have it every single day, so I was pleased last night when my 2-foot (the one with no fur on the top of his head) said that he had managed to get some pineapple for us, BUT HE LIED!!! He produced a big oval knobbly thing that he cut some chunks off. The chunks were big and sort of wet, NOT PROPER PINEAPPLE AT ALL!!! WE WERE REALLY ANGRY THAT HE SHOULD BUILD OUR HOPES UP ONLY TO DASH THEM SO CRUELLY!

We are not going to over react... We are not going to take immediate action... bet we will store this one up for the future... we will remember... our turn will come.

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