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The first signs are good

The 2-Foots came back last night from their training day, and I have to say that the first signs are very encouraging. For a start, they brought home a HUGE painting of me and Flopsy Girl which is going to hang on the wall. We were particularly well fed last night too, we had a big bag of weeds & carrot tops that Bramble's Pack's 2-foots brought for us, plus, although they went to bed last night, they didn't go until 2am, so that's a bit of an improvement.

For anybun who has not already seen them, I have put some pictures up of the event (yes, my 2-foot with no fur on the top of his head actually remembered to take the camera... although he did have to come back for it, as he forgot it at first).

If you click on the "my photos" link, there is an album called 2-foot training day, and that is where you will find the pictures, and a copy of the certificate to prove that they attended.

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