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It was the best of times, it was the worst of times

Me and Flopsy girl had a REALLY nice day yesterday. We were LAZY!!! We spent nearly al day just chilling out in the cardboard house & snuggling up together. True, we did come out from time to time to gaze up at the magnificent painting of us that now hangs on the wall (you can see a faithful reproduction of it if you click on the link to my photos, and then click on the 2-foot training day album), all in all a perfect day... Our 2-foots came home, and made lots of fuss of us, they sat with us, gave us some really nice food, but then we heard that our friend Pebby had died.

Today is another day the sun is shining, and the rest of us will play and eat and binky and have great times in front of us, but somewhere somebun will lose another friend... So let's all make ourselves a promise. Lets all go out and try to make as many new friends as we can. So come on all of you that read my journal secretly, leave a comment, be a friend!

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