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An Apology

Dear All:

I wish to make a most heartfelt apology. All I wanted to do was to show you pictures about how we live, and what our 2-foots are like, but now it seems to have got out of hand. Both me, and Flopsy Girl had to think very carefully before we put pictures of our 2-foots up on the web (click on my pictures to see what we mean), as we know that they are not a pretty sight, but now it seems that others are putting up pictures of them too. The Hairy Mob have pictures of them on their website http://tinyurl.com/2l3hc , and I'm just afraid that any unsuspecting bun who logs on by mistake will get a nasty shock when they see how horrific they look, so if our actions have caused any distress, we are deeply & truly sorry.

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