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I think I am beginning to understand a bit more about this music stuff that the 2-foots insist on listening to. Apparently, there was nothing on the light up box worth watching last night (there very rarely is if you ask me), so one of the 2-foots put something on that he had recorded. It was called "Brian Wilson presents Pet Sounds" It was awful.

There were about a dozen 2-foots in a big room making a fearful noise, and literally hundreds of other 2-foots watching them, and cheering loudly every time the music stopped. Well I can tell you, I understood that perfectly, as I felt like cheering myself every time the music stopped, but for some reason I can't fathom at all, the dozen 2-foots who were making the music ignored the fact that all of the other 2-foots wanted them to stop, as each time the cheering subsided, they started off again!

I don't know which were the most stupid. The dozen 2-foots for not taking the hint, or the hundreds of others who did not just go away so that they did not have to listen. Maybe there was a clue in the title "Pet Sounds" Most 2-foots are somebuns pets, so maybe it refers to the noise they make?

If anybun has any ideas, I'd be glad to hear them
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