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We're back!!!

Did we get an apology?

Here's what they said

"Thank you for your inquiry. This IP address was blocked because we noticed a large amount of spam traffic originating from this IP address. As this block was affecting legitimate users of the site, we have temporarily unblocked this IP address, and you should now be able to access the site properly.

However, please be aware that should this spam activity continue, we may re-ban the IP address in the future. In many cases, this activity is caused by a computer using the IP address unknowingly being infected with malware.

We therefore highly recommend that you make sure that your computer is current on all updates and that you perform a scan with the anti-virus or anti-malware programs of your choice. Additionally, you may wish to contact your ISP to inform them that there is high levels of suspicious activity on this IP, since they may be able to take preventative action as well.

LiveJournal Community Care Team"

As we regularly run all the proper checks, we are confident that this is not the case. Therefore, we have sent this reply.

" I can say with absolute confidence that NO spam has originated from this
address. What is more, I have been prevented from accessing my PAID account
for over a week. I have sent you over 20 e-mails on the subject ALL of which
have gone unanswered. I therefore request an apology and compensation for
lack of service."

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