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An informative talk

Good Evening

I would like to talk to you tonight about friendship.

I have a couple of friends here with me (Seal & Haggis) We are a bit different from each other, but we are nevertheless very good friends.

It's good being different, if we were all the same then it would be boring, I mean, Imagine if all rabbits were the same. Take Annie for instance. She is a different colour to me and has lop ears, but we love each other BECAUSE of our differences rather than despite them.

There is of course an exception to all this love and trust. You should NEVER trust a 2-foot. 2-foots are devious nasty creatures that don't even care about each other so please do not expect them to care about you.

Currently, 2-foots are arguing about who they should have as friends. Some say that Ingerland should stay in Your-Rope and others say that it should not. Even 2-foots that are supposed to be friends with each other are telling lies so that none of them know who to believe any more. All that I know is that I find it all very simple. You only need to follow one rule and everything will be alright.

Here is the rule - Be nice to each other.

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