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Toys toys toys!!!!!!!!!!

It'S BRILLIANT!!!!!!!!! The 2-foots came home last night with all sorts. First of all, they brought in a BRAND NEW CARDBOARD HOUSE... which was just as well really. as we had eaten most of the old one. Then they brought in an orange thing, that looks a bit like a squat carrot with a green top, but you can throw it around, and it rattles, THEN they brought a coloured thing to chew that helps clean our teeth, and THEN the STRANGEST thing of all. it's a kind of salt lick, but it's flavoured (it's really nice), and according to the 2-foots,it's shaped like an I scream cone. Now when they said it was like an I scream cone, I was a bit afraid to lick it as I did not want to hear it scream CONE (or anything else for that matter), but as usual, the stupid 2-foots were wrong about it, as it makes no sound at all!

Anyway, all in all the 2-foots did well, and brought us lots of nice things so we may consider not pooing on the carpet today...
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