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The Cardboard house

Good morning everybun.

As I told you in my journal yesterday morning, the 2-foots brought us a new cardboard house back from the bunny camp open day on Sunday. Now don't get me wrong, we are not ungrateful, it's just that we had got the old one adapted to our needs, and there were several features that this new one just did not have! Well, we started early yesterday morning, and we adapted one of the upstairs windows to make it bigger to give us a better view, and we removed one corner from downstairs to improve ventilation. We will probably adapt the tunnel next.

You would think that the 2-foots would have been pleased that we had shown such an interest, but NO! One of them (The one with the fur on the top of her head) did nothing but complain that we had already started working on it, and that it was starting to look like the old one after only a day. WELL OF COURSE IT IS STUPID! THAT'S HOW WE LIKE IT!!!

Why are 2-foots so thick?

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