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A dip into history

Here's a post from Feb. 16th, 2011 by Cedric. Unfortunately, things have not got any better!

I know that somebuns have a salt-lick (I don't bother with one fursonally) but the 2-foots have a gar-lick. Whenever they use this gar-lick their breath is enough to stop an elephant in it's tracks. If ever I find out where they keep this gar-lick I'll bury it somewhere where it can never be found again!


our 2foots love the Gar-lick, they eat a lot, except with the tea.

Oh no no no no Cedds. Don't bury the gar lick. It will just grow more. In fact that is how they make more gar lick. Put it in the loo and flush it.


That could have the effect of making everyone's water taste of garlic. Perhaps just put it in the dustbin.
The thing about garlic is that everyone must eat some at the same time. Then you can't smell it on anyone.

It really does make food taste yummy, though. And it keeps all the vampires away!

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