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Hello, Dandy here from the rainbow bridge

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After seeing what the new number 1 is in the BunnyTunes chart, I thought that you may like to read the whole story!

A Story From The Rainbow Bridge

The sun was shining at the Rainbow Bridge. This in itself was not unusual as the only time the sun does not shine at the Rainbow Bridge is at night time. What was unusual though was that Dandy Bunnyboy, the leader of the bunnies at the Rainbow Bridge was not looking very happy. “What on Lagamorphia is wrong with you today Dandy” asked Flopsy Girl, oh, perhaps I should explain, Dandy and Flopsy had been bonded buns in the old days before they had made the journey to the Rainbow Bridge and so they continued to spend most of their time together still, oh I’m digressing again, I’m not telling this story at all well am I? Anyway, I’ll get back to it! “So what is the matter Dandy?” Flopsy Girl repeated “Oh I’m just feeling a bit down that’s all” Dandy replied. “I was looking around this morning and it struck me how many really young buns are here, I mean a lot of them are just kits, and before you say anything yes I know that the Rainbow Bridge is the best place imaginable, but the reason that you and I both know that is that we spent a long time in Lagamorphia before we came here so we can appreciate the difference”. “But the kits all love you Dandy” Flopsy Girl said. “You know that they hang on your every word, that’s why they spend so much time hopping around you.” “It’s kind of you to say so” Dandy replied, “but I’m running out of ways to keep them amused”. “I’ve got an idea” Flopsy Girl said. “Why don’t you tell them stories?” “I’ve told them all already all our stories” said Dandy sadly, “I’ve none left”. Flopsy Girl sighed. “When I said tell them stories Dandy I didn’t mean that they had to be stories about us, why not just make up some new ones?” “Well” mused Dandy, “I am the most handsome, talented and modest bun at the Rainbow Bridge, so I should be able to manage something” “Good” exclaimed Flopsy Girl. “I’ll tell the kits to all come to the clearing tomorrow and to expect a really good story”.

Dandy spent all that night writing his story, and sure enough, when he hopped to the clearing the next day, it was FULL of rabbits of every breed, shape, and size (although the kits had been allowed to sit at the front). Dandy hopped up on a tree stump, stamped three times to get everybun’s attention and then started to speak.
“Friends” he said. “I’ve decided that today I’m going to tell you a story. This story is called “The Old Farm Lane”. A hush descended over the assembled throng and Dandy began to speak.

The story of The Old Farm Lane
Now it’s a well known fact that farmers don’t like rabbits very much. This is because they think that all the fields and the things that grow in them belong just to them. Being 2-foots, they are not intelligent enough to realise that the land belongs to everyone EVEN FOXES! All us rabbits want is to bask in the sun, nibble some nice greens, have a bit of a binkie, and then go back to our burrows. We don’t want to tear the land apart with machines, we don’t want to take everything, all we want is our fair share.

One day, a particularly fat and lazy farmer called Jones was sitting in front of his house which was halfway down a track called “The Old Farm Lane” when he turned to his dog and said “Dog, I’ve had an idea”. (Now it just shows how lazy Farmer Jones was when he was too lazy even to give his dog a name!) The dog looked up at the farmer as if to say “Well then, what is it?” So the farmer said “I’ve got nine fields growing cabbage, carrots, parsley, lettuce, and sprouts. All those fields are most satisfactory, but the tenth field, the one on the top of the hill, the one that I can’t get the machines into I can’t get rid of the grass and weeds in that field so I can’t plant any crops. I’m going to allow the rabbits into that field. I’m going to tell them that they can eat as much as they like, and then when they have cleared it for me I’ll plant some potatoes in there and get rid of all the rabbits”. The dog looked up at the farmer. He didn’t say anything. He actually quite liked to see the rabbits hopping about and only barked at them and gave half hearted chase when he knew that the farmer was watching him. He felt sorry for them and secretly hoped that the rabbits would somehow get one over on the farmer, but he couldn’t imagine how they could… Unless…

The next day, the farmer got in his car to drive the 50 yards to the end of The Old Farm Lane, and then he got out of the car, crossed the main road and huffed and puffed towards the rabbit warren. He found a large entrance to the warren and shouted down it “RABBITS, I HAVE SOME VERY GOOD NEWS FOR YOU. I HAVE DECIDED TO GIVE YOU THE FIELD WITH ALL THE GRASS AND WEEDS IN IT. IT’S YOURS FOREVER SO GET UP THERE AS SOON AS YOU CAN AND START EATING. JUST ONE THING THOUGH, THAT’S THE ONLY FIELD THAT YOU’RE ALLOWED IN. IF I CATCH YOU IN ANY OF THE OTHER FIELDS I’LL SET THE DOG ON YOU!” Some of the younger rabbits were anxious to run out straight away and get started on their new found food store, but the leader of the warren who was called Frosty held them back. Now Frosty was a wild bun, but unusually he was snow white in colour with bright red eyes that were full of knowledge. He told the youngsters to stop while he hopped outside for a think. By the time Frosty got outside the Farmer had gone, but the farmer’s dog was sat in the field waiting. He called across to Frosty and said “Excuse me Mr. Rabbit. I’m not going to hurt you but I really need to talk to you as there’s something that you need to know” Now Frosty was a really good judge of animals, and he knew that almost all dogs were to be avoided, but something seemed to tell him that this particular dog was no threat, so he swallowed hard, and took his life in his paws and hopped towards the dog. “Thank you for trusting me” said the dog. “I’m getting on a bit now and my days of chasing rabbits are over, not only that, but I like to see you all hopping around. It’s really peaceful just laying down and watching you enjoying yourselves. The thing is though” the dog went on “the farmer was lying just now when he said that he’s giving the field to you. All he really wants is for you to clear it for him and then he’s going to plant potatoes that you can’t eat”. “I suspected that it might be something like that” said Frosty. “I don’t see that we have much choice though, our warren is going hungry at the moment so even if it’s only a temporary source of food.” “But how long would that field sustain you?” said the dog “A month, six weeks? I have an idea that will allow you to stockpile food that will last you through the whole of the winter”.

Later that day, Frosty led the whole warren up The Old Farm Lane right past where Farmer Jones was sat with the dog. “Glad to see you’re taking up my offer” he said. “Just remember though it’s only the field at the top of the hill you’re allowed in. Frosty nodded his head at the farmer and led the whole of the warren into the field and the farmer warmed by the sun, fell asleep in his chair. When he woke up he looked around at his fields. His crops looked healthy and he could see that the rabbits had been digging in the field that he had sent them to. “Even better” he chuckled” they’re even turning the soil over for me.”

Days turned into weeks and things continued pretty much the same. Frosty and the rabbits hopped along the lane and went into the field after which Farmer Jones fell asleep. The dog, said nothing. Eventually, the day came for the farmer to bring in his machines to harvest his crops. He had mixed feelings about this time of year. One the one hand he looked forward to the money he was going to get from selling his crops, but on the other hand he would have all the wages to pay for all the men he’d brought in to work the machines. He had hired 9 machines this year so that he could harvest all the fields simultaneously, he thought that by doing it this way he would only need to go to the market with his crops once, and that would leave more time for sleeping.

Farmer Jones first realised that all was not well when he heard the men in the different fields shouting to each other. He couldn’t hear what they were saying but he didn’t like the look of things. He walked up to the nearest field and shouted across the man doing the harvesting. “IS THERE SOMETHING WRONG?” he asked. “SOMETHING WRONG!” the other man replied, “WHEN DID YOU LAST CHECK ON YOUR FIELDS?” “THEY LOOK FINE FROM HERE” Farmer Jones shouted “YOU CAN ONLY SEE THE EDGE FROM THERE” the other replied “ONCE YOU GET PAST THE EDGE, ALL THE CROPS ARE GONE AND THERE’S A SYSTEM OF TUNNELS LEADING AWAY”.

Frosty snuggled down in the warren. It was going to be a good winter. Not only had all the rabbits eaten well all summer but at the end of each and every day, the rabbits had carried some food back with them and stockpiled it. They had done just what the dog had told them to do. From the top field they had built tunnels to all the other fields where they had feasted on the finest foods. At the end of the day they had hopped straight past the sleeping farmer with his best vegetables in their mouths which would keep very well in the cool tunnels of the warren.

Dandy smiled as he finished the story. The rabbits had all been sat spellbound, but as he finished they all showed their appreciation by thumping as loudly as they could.

Just one more thing Dandy said. I’ve written a song for you all to sing to help you remember the story. I’ll sing you the chorus, it goes like this…

Now The Old Farm Lane is the place to hop
The Old Farm Lane don’t you ever stop
Oh The Old Farm Lane is the place to hop
If you want to make it get your tail and then you shake it
Watch the farmer and the dog on The Old Farm Lane.

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