dandy's journal by Arwen (dandybun) wrote,
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This is getting beyond a joke

I love Flopsy Girl dearly, I really do, but what has she let me in for now? Apparently, whatever is making Flopsy Girl ill can be passed on to other buns. It is a thing called e.c. What this means is that not only does Flopsy Girl have to take horrid white medicine, but I do too, in case I'm affected!!!

Flopsy Girl has been doing some research, and she has discovered that e.c. stands for Eric Clapton. Well let me tell you, if I catch Mr. Eric Clapton hanging around here, HE WILL BE THE ONE DOING THE SUFFERING!!!!

Apparently the symptoms of Eric Clapton are "Slowhand" (well paws in our case I suppose), an acute sense of style (well we both have that), a taste for beautiful does (well I have that), and a wish to be pampered (we both have that), so it looks dear readers as though the 2-foots are right, and we are indeed suffering from "Eric Clapton"

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