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Dandy's entry from 28th February 2008


This is Dandy's entry from exactly 15 years ago today. As you will see, he has yet to establish his famous writing style...

It's the good life, full of fun, seems to be the ideal.........
Feb. 28th, 2003 at 8:58 AM

Now This is REALLY living! When the 2 foots came home on Wednesday evening, they let Flopsy & I out of our cage, then one of them (Paul) went out again. The other one (Chris), then fell asleep watching the T.V. so she never got around to cleaning our cage out. When Paul got back in at about midnight, he asked Chris if they should clean out the cage. Chris said "No, it's ok, I'm not at work tomorrow, so I'll sleep down here on the sofa so the buns can stay out"

Whay hey!!! we were out from about 5:30pm on Wednesday, until midnight on Thursday. Of course we made sure to run around and make lots of noise at about 3am, just so nobody forgot about us.

We were finally tempted back in to the cage by some of those carrots with the green tops (Flopsy's favourite), but she was really put out when the 2 foots closed the door on us. She was stamping & carrying on for AGES. Finally, Chris got out of bed & came down & talked to us for a bit. That made Flopsy happy, I'll show you how to wind them up she said, I can twist them round my little scut.....

Must be careful not to leave any currents near the computer, I don't want them to find out what I'm doing..........


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