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Dandy's Journal revisited

Dandy's entry 15 years ago today.

This is good stuff!!!
Mar. 24th, 2003 at 9:16 AM

One of the 2 foots is at home this week. What that means is, we get to stay out ALL THE TIME!!!

We were let out on Saturday, were allowed to stay out on Saturday night, then we were out all of Sunday, even though the 2 foots went out for a few hours, they trusted us to behave while they were gone. Mind you, we had a close call. Sometimes, when the 2 foots are not around, and I'm typing this journal, I put a cd into the computer so I have got something to listen to. When Paul came home yesterday, he caught me with one of his cd's on the floor (I was trying to open the case with my teeth). Fortunately, he did not realise what I was really doing, and he thought that he must have just left it lying around, and that I was just treating it as another toy (close call or what).

Another good thing that happened yesterday, was that when the 2 foots came home, they brought us 2 willow rings to chew. Flopsy & I just adore those, and we spent ages chewing them & throwing them about. Chris said that they were from Auntie Susan. It just goes to show, I did not even know I had an Auntie Susan. I wonder if there are any more long lost relatives out there who will be sending presents?

Got to go, someones coming.
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