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Dandy's Journal revisited

After a short break, Dandy returned to his journal. Her's his entry from 15 years ago today.

I've had an e-mail.
Apr. 21st, 2003 at 8:36 AM

This came from Portland Oregon.

Dear Dandy,

Well I finally am able to get onto the computer while my two foots are asleep (sounds like they're sawing logs in there!). I wish you, Flopsy, and Paul and Chris a nice Easter holiday.

I've enjoyed reading your journal this week and added it to my favorite places. Don't worry, my two foots have so many bookmarked already that they won't notice an extra one slipped into the list.

It's really nice to read about another house bun. I'm a 10-year old white Netherland dwarf, and came to live with Melody and David in 1993. I share our apartment with Life, an Old English Sheepdog with a Taiwanese accent in his bark, and Tigger the no-tailed cat. It's funny, but we all have short tails. I sometimes nudge Tigger while she's sleeping to start a game of tag. I have to be careful around Life because he can't see well with all that hair, and I could turn into a bunny football very easily. We get along quite well. We also call the two foots "Bare foots" because they don't have this nice fur on their paws.

Pak Choi!!! Yuck! Ask your two foots for a slice of apple or banana each day. Dandelion leaves and flowers are also great. My bare foots used to grow them in their yard and offer them in a bouquet.

I have to go now since I hear my two foots getting up. Will write more soon.

Bunny Bunny =:3

Not that I'm big headed or anything (it's just that I know that I'm handsome, talented, agreat writer, etc), but I really do think that I deserve more fan mail! so come on you other buns, get writing!
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