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Dandy's Journal revisited

Dandys entry 15 years ago today, and there's real drama!!!

Help we are being bunnapped
May. 1st, 2003 at 8:58 AM

Please somebody help! The 2 foots are getting the carrier ready so that they can put us both in it and take us away! I don't know where they are taking us, and I'm frightened!!!
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May. 3rd, 2003 02:54 am (local)

Dandy.. where are yoooooo???.. you aint written for 2 whole days.. I been savin my carrots to pay your ransom.. I got 5 now.. is that enuff???.. I WANT DANDY AND FLOPSY BACK!!!!!!... WAAAAAAGGGGHHHHHHH!!!!!
luv Bammy :-(

May. 5th, 2003 04:12 pm (local)

Re: :-(
who does the ransom have to go to? I would help but having gut problems so only allowed pellets and hay... it's not fair, need Dandy back....

May. 4th, 2003 07:10 am (local)

We're Thumper and Sootsie. We were bunnapped once for a whole weekend. We are usualy free 24/7 but had been shut in our super de-luxe apartment (2 foots call it a cage! ) a few times over the last couple of weeks. Don't worry .We were taken with those pesky gerbils to a house and spoilt rotten by two teenage 2 foots. Spent a lot of time in the apartment but boy was the catering good !!!This happened last year. I fit is not too long i's not bad. Missed digging up the carpet and re-arranging the house though.

May. 6th, 2003 04:00 am (local)

it's 5 days now since Dandy and Flopsy were bunn napped.. sorry guys had to eat the carrots cos they would have gone funny after all this time.. but don't worry.. have saved that horrible yucky celery instead.. hope you don't mind.. we ate the leaves cos they're yummy.. but you can have them stick things.
If Dandy and Flopsy's 2 foots are reading this... WE WANT THEM BACK!
even that Biccy aint writing much.. anybun else got a journal?

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