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Dandy's Journal revisited

15 Years ago today, Dandy was offering advice... This entry also reminds us just how long Bunny Camp News has been delighting us all!

Another fine day, and a special message for Thumper-Binx
Jul. 23rd, 2003 at 2:24 PM

Today, Flopsy Girl and yours truly have been in the garden helping our 2 foot. He came home with some special mesh stuff that block up all the holes in the fence, and keeps us away from all the places that are not safe. Flopsy Girl & I have been showing our 2 foot all the places that we could squeeze through, and he has then been making them safe. Now that's what I call teamwork!

Hi. If you have something for Bunny Camp News, please send it to me at:-

If you (or anyone else for that matter) would like a copy of Bunny Camp News when it is published (free by e-mail), then please let me have your e-mail address, and I will see that you get a copy.
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Jul. 25th, 2003 02:55 am (local)
Hugely thank you - I will try and send it across during the weekend.

Blessings - Thumper-Binx

Aug. 15th, 2003 09:13 pm (local)
bun news
Hi, I'm a two year old lop ear and have to share the house with my one son and two grand kits. How do I go aginst my own instincts and allow room enough for everyone. Also, my one son, Pumpkin wants to fight any bun in his path, he is just a terror, how do I get him to calm down. thanks Denise

Aug. 16th, 2003 12:19 am (local)
Re: bun news
Hi Denise:

It's always difficult when 3 or 4 buns live together, as one of us always needs to be top bun, and that can cause problems. Has your son had his bits removed? I know it calmed me down a lot when I had mine done. Also, you don't say what sex your grand kits are, or how long they have been around. New buns around the place can always cause problems. The best bits of advice I can give you are:-

1. Anybun who has not been neutered should be as soon as possible.
2. Try to make friends on neutral ground (i.e. somewhere where none of you would usually go), and then cross your paws.

Remember, it may take a little time for you all to learn to get on with each other.

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