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Dandy's Journal revisited

After a couple of days break, Dandy returned to his journal.

Oh those summer nights
Aug. 5th, 2003 at 5:39 PM

We have been having wonderful summer days with lots of freedom. Lot's of opportunity to play and run around, and lots of cool breezes, and shady spots to shelter in. In the evenings, we have had the freedom of the house right up until bed time, but that Flopsy Girl thinks that even that much freedom is not enough.

On Sunday night, our 2-foot's announced "Bunny bed time". This is the start of a game we all play, where they chase us all round the living room, and then when we've had enough, we eventually trot off into the hall, and get into our cage. Now when I say cage, it is a HUGE 2 story condo, with a door on each level. As the upstairs level is really quite high, our 2-foots quite often leave it open for a little while after we have gone in our cage, so that they can put some food upstairs for us.

Anyway, on Sunday, Flopsy Girl decided to teach them a lesson. When they went to get us some food, she went upstairs, and jumped right out of the upstairs door! (She's braver than me I can tell you, I would not attempt it even if equiped with a parachute AND a safety net). She then hid under the table in the living room, and hoped that no-one would notice, but of course they did, and Flopsy Girl STILL had to go to bed.
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Aug. 6th, 2003 03:02 am (local)
It sounds as if Flopsy has now fully recovered.

Hopefully, today (6th) you will again have your freedom, we've heard tis going to be even hotter .... our 2foot has bought us four an even bigger whirly thingie, which is nice.

Thumper-Binx, Mister Jingles, Loppy and Tigger.

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