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Dandy's Journal revisited

5 years ago today, Dandy was feeling neglected.

Is there anybody there?
Nov. 12th, 2003 at 8:04 AM

I must say, it's getting very quiet lately. When I first started writing my journal, I did not expect that anybun would leave comments, but as time went on, more and more of you joined in. This last few days though, it's all started to decline. What's the problem? where are all my friends? doesn't anybun love me anymore? Waaahhhhh!!!!!!!!!!
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Nov. 12th, 2003 01:53 am (local)
Sorry Dandy, but its the 2foots. They seem to be in all the time using the computer at the moment! I think its DISGRACEFUL! I mean we want to use it occasionally and all they talk about is the fact that they've got a thing called a degree to do and essays (whatever they are?) and don't spend as much time with us. Although we do get let out to play more often. We all love you. Especially the girls. That's Dansom, Elderberry, Nettle, Blueberry, Bramble, Logenberry, Hop, Birch, Mayflower, Bittersweet and Henbane. So you're well loved

Hawthorn, Bramble and the pack

Nov. 12th, 2003 03:22 am (local)
Well isn't that just typical of the 2-foots. We give them time and attention, and we help them arond the house, and what thanks do we get? I always find that leaving a big pile of poo in the middle of the floor gets their attention.

Nov. 12th, 2003 07:41 am (local)
Re: 2-Foots
You're right of course. But this doesn't work that well cos as soon as one 2foots off the computer to look after us the other one jumps right on it. I'm thinking that they need to get another computer put in our room for us. But then again I don't want them to know we use it. Blackberry almost gave the game away the other day sitting on the mouse!


Nov. 12th, 2003 07:48 am (local)
Re: 2-Foots
If they catch you with the mouse, you need to think quickly and do something they would expect you to do (remember, they are stupid, and don't realise that you can use the computer). The next time that happens, bite through the mouse cable, that should prompt a reaction.

Nov. 12th, 2003 03:35 pm (local)
Re: 2-Foots
Good advice, I'll pass it on, although Bittersweet thinks the keyboard cable looks more tasty...

Hawthorn, (Queen)Bramble and the pack

Nov. 12th, 2003 02:47 am (local)
Oh Dandy, we are so sorry. We are still here; Loppy, Mister Jingles and Tigger.

Sorry, the only time we can get onto the computer is during the week as our 2foot is always coming in and out of our room during the weekend ... what cheek! I did not write yesterday as I was a little under the weather, but here I am (we are) now.

Bye for now - Loppy, Jingles and Tigger

PS - I do not trust Jingles to write as I am sure he would get flirty with Flopsy Girl, and Tigger is very hyper and gaw'd knows what he would write.

Nov. 12th, 2003 03:25 am (local)
Mr. Jingles
Thanks for the tip Loppy, I always thought that Mr. Jingles was a respectable gentlebun, obviously I was mistaken. Having said that, he can flirt with Flopsy Girl as much as he likes, he does not have the advantage of my talent, my good looks, my unmistakable charm, or my modesty

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