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Dandy's Journal revisited

15 years ago today, Dandy was bemoaning how unreliable the 2-foots are...

Here we are again
Nov. 24th, 2003 at 7:38 AM

Well, after all the excitement of Saturday, here we are starting a brand new week. The 2-foots let us out of our cage on Saturday night (they were out all afternoon), but shortly afterwards they went out. I thought at first that they had been to that pub place that they have to go to when they had been naughty, but they seemed to be so happy when they came home, I'm not sure.... Anyway, it was about 3am when they got home, and they went straight to bed, not to emerge until about 9am, by which time we were absolutely starving! Our breakfast of course was their first task, and then they inspected the work that I had been doing on our playhouse. It's funny, but I don't think that they are as pleased with it as me and Flopsy Girl are. On Sunday afternoon, they went out again to meet up with some other 2-foots from Bunny Camp. They took some copies of my newsletter with them to hand out, and then came home and gave us a HUGE pile of greens. All in all, a very satisfactory couple of days.

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Nov. 24th, 2003 03:09 am (local)
Why is it, when we work hard at making our little area how WE like it to be, 2foots never seem to be pleased?

... again, strange.

Bye for now – Loppy, Mister Jingles and Tigger

Nov. 24th, 2003 06:54 am (local)
I agree. We get our area nice and sorted out - dig the sawdust out of our litter trays into a nice pile - and then get complained at because we want it on the floor!

Why don't the 2foots just let us get on with it. They don't seem to know what they want so why should we.

Teasal, Hawthorn, Bramble and the rest of them.

Nov. 24th, 2003 07:13 am (local)
They are just impossible. I mean, even when you try to help them to clean your litter tray by jumping in and out of it to show them where the dirty bits are, they just shoo you out of the way.

Nov. 24th, 2003 01:07 pm (local)
We found the secret place!
Hi Dandybun!

Me and Tonic are so excited! We have found the place where our 2-foots hide the carrots!!! This morning while the one who has got the long hair had the back turned, I went in there and helped myself, it was fantastic! Tonic got some as well, but then we got caught out and the 2-foot shooed us but i am planning to get back their tomorrow morning :)

Chicky Gin
from Gin & Tonic

Nov. 24th, 2003 11:54 pm (local)
Re: We found the secret place!
That is great news! We know where our 2-foots keep our carrots too, but they are in a big white thing that we can't reach, pah!

Nov. 24th, 2003 05:01 pm (local)
The Obituary
Bunnybunny crossed the bridge to Pure Land at Sunday morning 1:50 a.m. November 23, 2003. Whole family was with him when he passed. He was peaceful.

He was obviously slowing down since Friday afternoon. Later that night the short hair 2-foot prayed that Buddha takes him to the Pure Land. On Sunday, Bunnybunny stopped eating and drinking, by midnight the 2-foots gave him a final botty bath, dried him and laid him in a nice basket with soft towels in front of the altar and the whole family (2-foots, Tigger cat and me) was chanting and said farewell to him. The short hair 2-foot closed Bunnybunny’s eyes after his last breath. He was wrapped in a very nice Buddhist shroud (usually used for deceased 2-foot) and sprinkle with sparkling sand, which was blessed by monks. Bunnybunny will be cremated according to the Buddhist tradition.

Bunnybunny was a white Netherland Dwarf with a little bit of brown around his eyes. He was over 10 years old, about the 2-foot age of 100. He is the oldest, the smartest and smallest of the family. We believe that he reunite with Lady Grace (gray Netherland Dwarf) and Bunka Baby (white Holland Lop) in the Pure Land.

The 2-foots told us how curious and active Bunnybunny was when he first adopted them. He loved to play hide and seek, and to stick his nose into everything just to see what was happening in this corner and that. When Tigger cat first joined the family as a kitten, she tried to bully Bunnybunny and Lady Grace. Bunnybunny quickly put a stop to that as karate-bunny, landing a rear foot on Tigger’s nose as he jumped and twisted in the air. He also taught Lady Grace how to be an escape artist when she was a baby rabbit. The 2-foots think Bunnybunny told her to climb out between the pen wire and cage wall because he was so excited that he wanted to hump her. Unfortunately, his first time was on the wrong end. He soon got that right.

Surviving 2-foots vow never ever to be pets for another bunny because no bunny can replace Bunnybunny, Lady Grace, and Bunka Baby. We all appreciated those buntiful years together.

Memorial will be held for every 7 days for 7 weeks of his passing.

Written by Life (the Old English Sheepdog)
The younger brother of Bunnybunny

Nov. 24th, 2003 11:51 pm (local)
Re: The Obituary
Bunny Bunny will have lots of friends at the other side, I hope that he looks out for Thumper-Binx, and for Flopsy's sister Blackberry who died at exactly the same time, on the same date, one year ago.

I hope that your 2-foots reconsider, and adopt another bunny. There are lots out there who are in need of good loving homes. You can never replace anybun. Each one of us is different, but each one of us in our own way is just as special. Please see if you can persuade them.




Nov. 25th, 2003 02:08 am (local)
Re: The Obituary
Oh Life, we are so sorry to read about BunnyBunny. He sent us some lovely words when our dear Thumper-Binx crossed the bridge. We can think of them now playing together (and with all the other dear bunnies that have made the crossing).

Loppy, Mister Jingles and Tigger

Nov. 25th, 2003 03:10 am (local)
We are so sorry to hear of Bunnybunny's passing to the pure land - he was so very loved. He is at peace now and will be forever binkying and playing in a lovely land filled with beautiful people and pets.
We hope that the 2foots do eventually take another bunny as they have so much love to give. The saying is "By taking one rabbit you cannot change the world, but you can change the world for that one rabbit".

We will send prayers and kisses to Bunnybunny - we to have lost Emma and William last week - it hurts us all so much. Our 2foots are very sad but we try to cheer them up.

Run free little Bunnybunny.

Kisses to the 2foots and the other pets who are with you all.

Mr Jingles and the rest of the hairy mob

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