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Me and Flopsy Girl have come to an important decision. We were watching the light up box yesterday, and there was something on about a place called Parly-mint. Now the name is confusing, as there is no mint there at all (at least not that we could see), no, the purpose of Parly-mint is to make the rules that the 2-foots have to follow. Now they obviously make a really bad job of this, as we listened and watched for over an hour, and rabbits were not even mentioned once, so we have decided that we will start our own Parly-mint, but to avoid confusion, we have decided to call ours Bunny-mint. The boss of Bunny-mint is the pry minister. He is called this as it is his job to pry into everybuns business, so obviously, that will be my job. Another important job, is Chance seller. This job is to help others to have a better chance of getting on with things, so as she has always been good with advice, Flopsy Girl has agreed to take on this important role.

Now obviously, we will have to have our Bunny-mint as an on-line affair, as we never all seem to be able to get together, but there are several other important jobs up for grabs if anybun wishes to apply, they are as follows:-
Home secretary (to take down all the notes)
Foreign secretary (to take down any notes that are in a foreign language)
Minister for health (to let everybun know that Auntie Francis is the best bunny vet in the world)
Minister for transport (to make sure that everybun always has a 2-foot to take them wherever they need to go)

Flopsy Girl & I will consider applications from anybun who thinks that they have the relevant experience, plus, we would be happy to hear from you if you think that there are any other important jobs that you think you could do.
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