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So what do we do now?

First of all, I am happy to report that the 2-foots were punished very badly at the pub last night. They were even in a bit of a state this morning, so we are very pleased with a job well done!

Now though we need to get on to more important matters. We have quite a lot of buns now that have been given jobs to do, so I need to hear your ideas as soon as possible. The 2-foots pry-minister (who is apparently called liar - This is a traditional name which is given to ALL 2-foot pry-ministers) has a cabinet where he puts all the ideas, but as we don't have a cabinet, I'm going to put all of your ideas in our cardboard box (the special one where our drinking water is) so that they will be safe. Then when we have all the ideas safely in the cardboard box, we can decide what we are all going to do next.

Remember, support your Bunny-mint, take control of all of our futures for a happy hoppy tomorrow!
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