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Dandy's Journal revisited

15 years ago today, Dandy... Well he was just being Dandy!

Poo in the shoe
Jan. 18th, 2004 at 9:37 AM

We did it, we did it!!!!!!.... or at least Flopsy Girl did. Poo in the shoe is now a reality! The 2-foot with no fur on the top of his head was snoring on the sofa (as usual), and Flopsy Girl managed to get a current in his slipper! It was not a soft one unfortunately, but it was still funny to see him put his slipper on, and then to take it off again and start shaking it to see what was inside!

Dandy & Flopsy 1 :-: 2-foots nil!
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Jan. 18th, 2004 03:07 am (local)
Well Done!
Well done to Flopsy Girl!
Dandy, Flopsy Girl sounds like a good catch... :) You must be the luckiest bun on earth.
I wish I had a Flopsy Girl for myself... We could do rodeo together! Instead I have to do rodeo with Tonic, it's simply not the same... Oh well, that's life...


Jan. 18th, 2004 05:23 am (local)
Flopsy Girl
There's no doubt about it, Flopsy Girl is the very best bun in the world!!!

Jan. 18th, 2004 04:15 am (local)
Oh well done. Bramble still hasn't managed it although I am told that Elderberry managed to get multiple poos and sawdust in one of the 2foots shoes.

Blueberry - A very cute english bun

Jan. 18th, 2004 07:53 am (local)
Well done :-)
Oh well done that girl :-) Nice one Flopsy - now you have the aim right then you can get some more in next time - bet that made your 2-foot hop about a bit!
On the subject of your 2-foot - has he got tired-itis? Mum says that when we are snoozing that we must have that! What a cheek! We are only snoozing - not like the 2foots who have to go to bed and sleep for hours and hours!
Does your 2-foot snore like a drain? Mum says that Dad does and that she will have to get ear plugs for us all - we wish she would hurry up!
Love from The Hairy Mob

Jan. 18th, 2004 07:55 am (local)
SNORING! I'll say he snores, and the cheek of it is, when the other 2-foot complains, he says that it's me!!!

Jan. 18th, 2004 08:13 am (local)
Re: Snoring
Another example of typical 2-foot behaviour - it's a disgrace! This type of behaviour should be banned - or in our case - bunned :-)
Love from The Hairy Mob

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