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Dandy's Journal revisited

15 years ago today, Dandy was quite cross

Jan. 29th, 2004 at 7:33 AM

Oh come on now, I mean what DO they think they are doing!

The 2-foots brought our food last night, AND THERE WERE NO FINE BEANS!!!! Fine beans are one of our very favourites, HOW DARE THEY NOT GIVE THEM TO US!

Having got that off my chest, one of the 2-foots is STILL staying at home all the time, so we are still out all the time (which is great). Flopsy Girl continues to lead them a dance though. They like to pick her up once a day just to check that she has a clean bottom, but she hates it! She always runs away when they try to pick her up, so they have to sneak up on her. Personally, I enjoy being fussed over, so I don't mind the attention at all!
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Oh poop, we cannot write in our diary at the moment, they are doing something to the server (whatever that means).

Fusses are good; Mister Jingles though has to also have his bottom checked every now and then and to show he is none too pleased he thumps the floor.

Do you still have the cold white stuff on the ground outside? Hopefully it will go very soon.

Love - Loppy, Mister Jingers, TiGgEr, Honeybunny and Bobbin

Jan. 29th, 2004 10:18 am (local)
Re: Cold white stuff
Yes we still have the snow, but you won't catch me going near it!

Jan. 29th, 2004 11:54 pm (local)
Oh dear, what is their excuse for not getting you any fine beans? If one of the 2foots is home then there is no excuse - she can telephone the allotments until she finds one that has got some then she can go and get them. Really, the things we have to put up with!
Love from The Hairy Mob

Jan. 30th, 2004 07:59 am (local)
Re: Beans
I think they are blaming the snow, but that's typical, it's ALWAYS someone else's fault, and NEVER theirs!

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