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This weeks Bunny-mint business

First of all, I have an announcement to make. Melster has very kindly voulentered to be Thumper of the Bunny-mint. It will be Melster's job to bring anybun in line that does not show me enough respect.

Now to this week's business. We have had a lot of really good suggestions for new things to vote on. I won't count the votes until the middle of the week though to make sure that everybun gets a chance to have their say.

1. From Buddy (Helf Minister)
Everybun where possible should be given their very own Chateux Bunny, or if this is not possible, then a really good cardboard box to play and hide in.

2. From Willow (Minister for Channels)
A perminant supply of newspapers to be made available to spread about, dig in, and chew.

3. From Willow
Everybun to be given a slice of toast every day

4. From Arwen
2-Foots are not to go away on long journeys in the big metal box on wheels without express permission from their owners.

5. From Arwen
Bucks should be stopped from chasing does around when the doe is not in the mood. If bucks persist in this, then they should not be surprised if they get a nip!

6. From Hazel
As the Pry-minister has been given his very own official metal box on wheels, then everybun else should get one too.

So there are lots of things to vote on this week, so please keep the ideas coming in. There is one thing to remember though when you are voting. You have to think what we are going to do if we pass something, and then the 2-foots fail to make it happen. It should be simple enough for them to provide things like carboard boxes and metal boxes on wheels, but supposing we were to ask for something that they genuinly could not provide (such as common sense for instance).

On a more personal note, I am happy to report that we sent our 2-foots to the pub yesterday for punishment, and they came home in aright old state, so it obviously worked.

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