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Some sad new & this week's votes

First of all, I'm afraid I have some sad news for you all. Duchess, who has been with the Hairy Mob for absolutely ages now decided to go to the rainbow bridge yesterday. We will of course celebrate her life in the usual way by having a HUGE wake!!!

Now for the results of this week's votes.

1. From Brambles Pack
2-Foots are to STOP taking us to see the vet!
There were 17 votes for, and 5 against, however, I think that we should take Melster's advice and add the word "enforced" as we may actually want to go to the vet's sometimes.

2. From the Jersey Mob
2-Foots must NOT keep any plants that are poisonous to bunnies
This one had 21 votes for and none against, so please make sure that your 2-foots throw away any poisonous plants without delay

3. From The Jersey Mob
Whenever the 2-foots go out for food for us, they MUST make sure that they bring herbs
Again there were 21 votes for and none against, so we have LOTS of lovely herbs to look forward to!

4. From Pry-Minister Dandy
I want to give special responsibility to the Spirit Buns. I propose that we form an "Upper Chamber". We can call this special place "The Rainbow Chamber". The idea is, that after the rest of us have voted on things, then the spirit buns can take a 2nd look at what we have decided, and if they think we are wrong, they can ask us to have another vote just to make sure. I think this would help us to avoid making hasty decisions which we may come to regret in the future.
The final resolution had 20 votes for, and none against, so it gives me great pleasure to announce that the rainbow chamber is duly constituted. I propose that our two most active spirit buns Melster & Bunnybunny get together and organise it as soon as possible.

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