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This week's votes

As it is now Wednesday, here are the results of this week's votes in the Bunny-mint:-

1. From the Gower Bunn Gang
2-foots should not be allowed to bring anything new into the house that is likely to cause any disruption.

There were 21 votes for, and 1 against, so this vote is carried. If this pup-pee thing arrives with anybun, them send your 2-foots to the pub for punishment without delay

2. From the Jersey Mob
We propose that 2-foots stop being so lazy and are not to have anymore extra time in bed in the mornings just because they feel like it, they should be up playing with us when we are feeling playful

There were 22 votes for this one, so make sure that your 2-foots get the message by keeping them awake as much as possible.

3. From Bramble's Pack
We propose that Bill and Ben the flowerpot buns get moved into the shed so we can go downstairs and watch the light up box in the corner

There were 2 votes for this, and 3 against, so Bill and Ben can stay in the house.

4. From Chance-seller Flopsy Girl
I propose that the Bunny-mint needs taxis. These are very useful, as they allow the chance-seller to have lots of food & treats. To make it simple, all I ask is that everybun sends me half of all of their food and treats every week.

There were 3 votes for this and 19 against, so there will not be any taxis introduced.

One thing we have noticed. Although we now have one bun one vote, only Bramble's pack are bothering to vote separately. You could be missing out on a real chance to influence things, so have a think about it.

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