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We've had a great time!!!!!!

I've got so much to tell you! The 2 foots took me & Flopsy Girl for a drive that seemed to go on forever, and guess where they took us? They took us to the Bunny Camp Sanctuary!!! At first I thought oh no, they don't want us anymore, and I'm back here to stay, but it was not like that at all. We were treated like royalty. Straight away, we got to play out in the garden, where there were toys, and tunnels to run through, and boxes to hide in, and when it was time to come in, we were taken in the house!

It was nice to see Sonya again. She looked after me for a whole year before Paul & Chris took me to live with them, and the great thing was, we were there in the house the whole time!

There were all the old animals there, all the dogs & cats, and Sonya's children, plus Bracken the Hare, and a brand new white wild baby bun that had been rescued from some crows.

Anyway, we stayed at the Bunny Camp for a few days, but now we are back at home. As much as we enjoyed our stay with Sonya, it's nice to be home, and to be able to sleep in your own litter tray.

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