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Some thoughts on our progress


We have done a great deal, but we need to do more. We have formed Bunny-mint, and this has had some really good results. Buns are better fed, have more treats, more toys, and for the most part have better care from the 2-foots. Merry has also been elected Pres-I-dent, so I'm sure that she will shortly be doing lots of good things too.

There is something else we need to think about though. If we are going to take FULL control, we need to think of ways of keeping the 2-foots in their rightful place, that is, with us serving our every need.

We already have some good punishment ideas for them, such as sending them to the pub, and the old favourite poo in the shoe, but we really need to come up with some new ideas so that we can continue to keep them guessing. What do you think everybun, any suggestions?

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