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This week's votes

Well it's Wednesday again, so once more it's time to announce the results of the votes in this week's Bunny-mint.

1. From Elderberry - We propose that each and everybun gets given a double bed. This is great as then we can organize a great bed race and award medals for the best....

There were four votes for this one, but there were seventeen votes against, so I'm afraid there will be no beds provided.

2. From Merry - I hate the Vacuum Monster, too! The 2-foot I call Mom doesn't let it out for exercise every day, but it's definitely mean! And sometimes it comes near me! I get ready to pounce and save Mom, but then I get worried it might eat me and I run to hide. I propose a ban on these Monsters! They eat our food! The one in our burrow always takes nice bits of hay I'm hiding!

Twenty-one buns voted to ban the vacuum monster, so if your 2-foots let it out, they must be punished (more on this later)

3. From Pry-Minister Dandy - It is now starting to get colder and colder. Our pet 2-foots only think of themselves when they are working the big white thing that keeps the house warm. I propose that the 2-foots should switch on the big white thing and leave it on all the time, that way everybun will stay warm all of the time.

Twenty one of you voted in favour of this, so we can all expect to stay nice & warm from now on.

4. From Chance-Seller Flopsy Girl - Every morning, the 2-foots cover themselves in smelly stuff so that you can't smell their proper smell. I propose that this smelly stuff should be banned!

Again this one was carried by twenty one votes for, and none against, so smelly stuff is banned.

Finally, we get on to punishments. We have already had lots of suggestions for punishment, but please keep the ideas coming. That way, we can vote on them in next weeks Bunny-mint.

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