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Dandy's Journal revisited

15 years ago today, Dandy was feeling quite happy with the way that things were proceeding.

Things are going well
Sep. 30th, 2004 at 12:12 PM

I am very pleased with all the ideas that you are sending for things to vote on in next week's Bunny-mint. As a reward for all your hard work, I have decided to put some pictures of me, Flopsy Girl and my official metal box on wheels on the internet for you all to look at. If you click on the pictures link, you will be able to see them.
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Sep. 30th, 2004 02:03 pm (local)
We propose that everybun should be given a box on wheels by their 2foots. As we don't have one...


Buddy - Helf Minister
Sep. 30th, 2004 04:28 pm (local)
Official Car
Wow, as the Pry Minister you are so lucky to have such a nice metal box on wheels, and i must say the Houses of Bunny-mint are fantastic too.
Loving the clock too. I don't even have a house, let alone a posh one like that.
Come on Everybunny lets get this passed so i can have a house too
Me want, Me want.
Buddy - Helf Minister

Sep. 30th, 2004 09:48 pm (local)
Wow! Your own Box on Wheels! That's so cool! It's bigger than I pictured. How does it work? Does Flopsy Girl steer while you work the bottom Petals? I believe everybun should have their own Box on Wheels.

Sep. 30th, 2004 10:53 pm (local)
Box on wheels
We are still trying to work out the details of how we can make it go ourselves, but for now, I am employing my pet 2-foot (the one with no fur on the top of his head) to make it go.

Oct. 1st, 2004 06:47 pm (local)
Re: Box on wheels
Do you pay him in breadsticks or with mushy poos?

Oct. 1st, 2004 06:52 pm (local)
Re: Box on wheels
Currently, I leave him lots of poo. He seems to appreciate it, as he always collects it and puts it in a bag and takes it away.

Oct. 1st, 2004 09:50 pm (local)
Re: Box on wheels
My 2foots do that, too. I wonder if they collect it and show it off to other 2foots? "Hey, look what MY bun did today!", they might say!

Oct. 1st, 2004 09:52 pm (local)
Re: Box on wheels
LOL - currantly!

Oct. 2nd, 2004 01:30 am (local)
Re: Box on wheels
LOL - currantly! Currant affairs, currant buns . . . very Bunnymint!

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