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Dandy's Journal revisited

15 years ago today, Dandy was pleased to see the result of his hard work.

A new box
Oct. 12th, 2004 at 10:06 AM

More good news about what we are achieving with the power of the Bunny-mint. Yesterday, my 2-foot (the one with no fur on the top of his head) came home with a brand new cardboard box for us. It's bigger than our old one, but the cardboard is not as thick, so it is a lot easier to make the necessary adjustments to the position and size of the holes in it.

As far as this weeks voting goes, there are still a number of you who have not yet voted, so make sure you get your votes in soon, or you will miss tomorrows count. I must say that the hairy mob have been very quiet lately. It's not like them to sit back and let the rest of us make all the decisions...
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Oct. 12th, 2004 02:28 pm (local)
I noticed that the Hairy Mob's been quiet, too, as well as Hippityhops! Attention, all buns! Time to vote! This is important stuff that could affect the course of Dinner!

Buddy - The Helf Minister
Oct. 12th, 2004 02:56 pm (local)
A new box
Glad to see the two foots are listening to our demands.
Power to the Bunnies.

Oct. 12th, 2004 09:07 pm (local)
hairy mob
we are missing not having any news from the hairy mob, do you think they all flew away, i mean their post was taking about their 2 foots flew!

Where are you hairy mob??? Come out wherever you are we miss you!

Oct. 13th, 2004 11:34 am (local)
Sorry it is late
1. No 2-foot should be allowed to hug us or to pick us up without permission. ...... YES

2. No 2-foot is to be allowed to go out unless they leave food for us first. ...... Can we answer our own question?

3. No claw clipping is to be allowed as we need them for digging and destroying things. ...... YES, (great one)

4. As Hop now wears a red bandage, then Hop should be officially re-named "Santa's Little Helper". ...... BLESS, YES

5. Each and every bun should be allowed a vote. So far it seems that each group of buns has been getting together and voting just once. ...... WE'RE VOTING!

6. Spirit buns should get 2 votes as they have lead two separate lives. ...... A VERY GOOD POINT

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