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The Bunnymint

Hi all:

This is our business for the Bunny-mint this week:-

1. I also propose that we try to come up with a plan to make the sun warmer, as it does seem to be getting chilly and I'm worried the veggies won't grow if it gets too cold! Do we have a Department of Energy? - From Merridoe

2. We propose that all bunnies should be treated equally by 2-foots and buns and that Elderberry should stop bossing us around. - From Henbane and Bittersweet

3. I would like to propose something for voting this week.
With Christmas coming, my two foots always leave out a mince pie and a carrot for the blinkin reindeers.
Now I have nothing against Reindeers, but I do object to them being given one of my carrots.
It is bad enough that I have to share my carrots with the Piggies, but blinkin reindeer too. hmmm
I propose that Reindeer should not be given my carrots when they visit at Christmas!!
Thank you - from Buddy - The Helf Minister

4. Let the punishment fit the crime - from Pry-Minister Dandy.
We have had lots of suggestions for punishing 2-foots, so I propose that we lay down some rules as to how we should punish individual crimes. This is the list of punishments that everybun has come up with:-
a). The hay scatter - making as much mess as possible
b). The bowl toss - makes a mess AND makes a noise
c). Poo in the shoe - soft squishy ones are best
d). Thumping
e). Chewing important papers
f). Facing them with ears flat and staring
g). Spraying them with wee
h). The bunny butt - sit on the floor and face your tush at them
I). Wait till they are sleeping then make as much noise as you can until they wake up, the best time to do this is in the middle of the night.
j). Send them to the pub.
I think we need to handle this in two stages. First, I think we should split the punishments into three bunnydories (a bunnydory is an idea I stole from the meows who have categories). So please vote on which punishments you think are:-
1. severe
2. very severe
3. most severe
When you have done this, then we can go to the next stage which is decididing which crimes to apply them to.

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