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Stupid 2 foots

You know I've said this before (so forgive me for repeating myself), but 2 foots are REALLY stupid. They were both dashing round the house last night doing stuff, so when they finally sat down to relax, they both fell asleep! That meant that me & Flopsy Girl had the whole place to ourselves for hours, and hours, and hours. One of the 2 foots woke up at something like 1:30am, and realised that she still needed to clean out our cage, so it was well after 2am when they told us that it was time for bed, but guess what? Flopsy girl was having none of it! Being a good bun (well at least sometimes), I hopped straight into the hall, and in to the cage, but Flopsy was running round all over the place! She hid in the critter castle, she hid in a cardboard tube, she jumped in and out of a chair, and when she was FINALLY cornered and herded into the hall to get in the cage, she stamped good and hard, just to let the 2 foots know how annoyed she was.

I have not laughed so much in AGES!!!

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