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Dandy's Journal revisited

15 years ago today, Dandy published an account of his pet 2-foot's secret mission.

The special mission
Nov. 16th, 2004 at 7:43 AM
Arwen and Fizz
Well... It's finally time to tell you all about the mission that we sent the 2-foots on last Saturday. As most of you will be aware, our pet 2-foots have undergone two lots of intensive training with the Hairy Mob down at Ebony Eyes, so we decided that it was time to put their training to good use. We discovered that there was to be a gathering of pet 2-foots in a place called Bristol, so we decided to send our pet 2-foots so that they could help spread good advice on how best to look after buns everywhere.

Just to make sure that everything went according to plan, Auntie Francis (the best bunny vet in the world) went too. How all this worked was that the 2-foots were all assembled in two big rooms. One had pet 2-foots in it, and the other had vets who wanted to learn from Auntie Francis how to be good bunny vets. Obviously, Auntie Francis could not look after two rooms full of 2-foots all by herself, so there were some other bunny vets (obviously not as good as Auntie Francis, but not bad) to help her.

The day started with one of Auntie Francis's helpers, a bunny vet called Anna who told the pet 2-foots all about how to look for skin problems. She told them all about the different kinds of mites, ticks, lice, and other nasties that can cause us to have nasty irritations, or ear problems. She also warned the 2-foots how important it is to check for Fly strike which can be a killer! Anna also told them about Abscesses, Myxomatosis, and other things too numerous to mention. She also showed them lots of pictures, so they would know exactly what to look out for.

After Anna had finished her warm up act, it was time for the star attraction, AUNTIE FRANCIS - THE BEST BUNNY VET IN THE WORLD!!! Auntie Francis told them all about Dental problems, and how the very best thing to give us to eat is grass, hay, and greens, and how we don't need dried food at all! She also gave lots of good advice about checking to make sure that we eat our soft poo, as that is a good way to check that we are getting a balanced diet. She then went on to tell the 2-foots how important it is to check that we don’t have wet or dirty bottoms, and that if we do tend to be a bit prone, then it is a very good idea to trim off all our fur around our bits, about half way up our tails, and all down the inside of our back legs, as this makes it so much easier to keep clean. She also told them about e-cuniculi and the things to watch out for there.

The next vet to speak was a buck 2-foot called David with a bow round his neck I will resist the very great temptation to comment on this... Anyway, his speciality was eye problems, but rather than go into lots of detail about what he said, I'm just going to refer you to his website http://davidlwilliams.org.uk/

As 2-foots get tired very easily, they were then allowed to go for a rest, and to have something to eat and drink. Of course our pet 2-foots had been given strict instructions to make sure that they brought us lots of presents back, so they bought us a very nice red food bowl, some chew sticks, and something very special from the people at West Wales Willows, who have been trying an experiment. They have been drying plantain, and they gave our pet 2-foots a special bag of it just for us. IT'S BRILLIANT!!! I hope they start selling it soon!!!

After lunch, a 2-foot called Sharon and a helper told the 2-foots all about a special hospital just for buns that has been set up in Bristol, but as we don't live anywhere near Bristol, I am not going to bother writing about it, but if you are REALLY interested (although I cant imagine why you would be) you can read about it on the RWF website at http://www.rabbitwelfare.co.uk/index.htm

Next to speak was Emma, who told the 2-foots about e-cuniculi. She has put a lot of the information on this on the internet, so if you go to http://www.rabbitwelfare.co.uk/rwf/articles/ecuniculi.htm you can read all about it.

The day was starting to draw to a close by now, but there were still another 2-foots left to speak. There was one called John, who told them all about how we breath, and how to check that we don't have runny noses, that we don't sneeze because we have things like grass or hay stuck in our nostrils, and how the most important thing to watch for is if we are breathing through our mouths, because if we are, then we are very ill indeed. He gave lots of good advice such as if we are a bit snotty, then one thing that the 2-foots can do is to put us in a steamy bathroom with something aromatic like just a small amount of olbas oil in the water (but be careful not to use too much, as we are very sensitive).

Finally, the 2-foot called Sharon came back. She did very well as she is about to have kits, and was obviously a bit uncomfortable, as judging by what the 2-foots said about the size of her, she is probably going to have about 10! Anyway, Sharon talked about the different kinds of anaesthetics that bunny vets can use, but then she told them lots of gory stuff, so I'm not going to write about that.

I am pleased that our 2-foots came back with all the information, and that they had the chance to talk to other 2-foots to share advice, but most importantly that they brought us lots of presents back!
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Bonnie and Wilma
Nov. 16th, 2004 11:23 am (local)
Dr Williams....
We've tried to find Dr Williams' website but we think the link is wrong. Please could you and your lovely Flopsy-Girl check the address for us.

Nose rubs.


Nov. 16th, 2004 01:18 pm (local)
Re: Dr Williams....
Trust the 2-foots to get it wrong! it should be http://davidlwilliams.org.uk/
I will arrange a suitable punishment for them, but in the meantime, I'll correct my entry

Nov. 16th, 2004 01:43 pm (local)
Good job, Dandy! You have trained your 2foots well to attend and help out with such a great cause! What could be a nobler cause than to train pet 2foots properly!!!

Nov. 16th, 2004 06:21 pm (local)
Well done Dandy for sending your 2 foots on this mission, i hope that they have learnt lots of stuff so that when our 2 foot has a problem with us she can rely on getting proper advice from your 2 foots.

Don't forget we are setting up a website so if you have anything that you would like to write up regarding problems that we may have please do and we will add it to the site.

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