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The punishments

As promised, today I am going to detail what the bunnydories were that we have all decided to put the punishments in.

First of all, our lightest punishments:-

a). The hay scatter - making as much mess as possible
d). Thumping
f). Facing them with ears flat and staring
h). The bunny butt - sit on the floor and face your tush at them

Then the middle punishments:-

b). The bowl toss - makes a mess AND makes a noise
g). Spraying them with wee
I). Wait till they are sleeping then make as much noise as you can until they wake up, the best time to do this is in the middle of the night.

Finally, the most severe.

c). Poo in the shoe - soft squishy ones are best
e). Chewing important papers
j). Send them to the pub.

What I now need from all of you are suggestions for which crimes should be punished. When we have the list, then we can vote next week on what level of punishment each crime deserves.

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