dandy's journal by Arwen (dandybun) wrote,
dandy's journal by Arwen

Monday morning brings the start of a different kind of week

First of all, I'd better let you know, that as my pet 2-foot (the one with no fur on the top of his head) starts his new job tomorrow, I expect that it will be quite late before I will be able to get onto the computer to update my journal from now on. So please don't worry about a thing if you log on at the usual time and discover that my journal has not been updated, I promise you it will be.

Now we come to this week's Bunny-mint business, which centres around punishments. To illustrate how to carry out a punishment, I have put a new picture up on "my photos". Take the link, and then click on the "over the edge" album, and you will see that the 1st photo is one I took of Flopsy Girl destroying the papers that tell the 2-foots what is going to be on the light up box.

Now we come to punishments in general. I have listed below the crimes that have been identified by those of you who could be bothered, so the votes this week will work as follows. Against each crime, please vote for the level of punishment you think that the crime deserves. There are 3 bunnydories of punishment, they are:-

1. Light punishment
2. Middle punishment
3. Most severe punishment.

So please vote what level of punishment you think these crimes deserve:-

1. 2-foots staying out late
2. 2-foots making a lot of noise during the day which interrupts our sleep time
3. 2-foots banging on those wooden boxes with strings, or blowing down things and making a general racket
4. 2-foots having the light up box on too loud, or too late
5. 2-foots bringing our food late
6. 2-foots blocking certain areas so that we cannot get to them
7. 2-foots eating stinky foods
8. 2-foots burning things
9. 2-foots trying to get away with giving us inferior food
10. 2-foots giving treats less than once a day
11. 2-foots not giving us any greens
12. 2-foots not providing enough toys
13. 2-foots not using the big white things properly to make sure that we are cool in summer and warm in winter
14. 2-foots trying to stop us chewing certain things

As these are such important decisions, I have left any other outstanding business over until next week.

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