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Dandy's Journal revisited

15 years ago today was the saddest day in Dandy's life

After yesterday morning's thumping incident, Flopsy Girl turned to me and said "Dandy, I have now taught you all I know". I must admit I didn't think anything of it at the time, but she did not want to play all day, and in the evening, she just said to me "I'm Sorry", and lay down. I went across and licked her a few times, and she twitched her nose at me, but I knew something was very wrong. At 2:40am this morning my wonderful darling girl went to sleep for the last time. What am I going to do?
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Jan. 10th, 2005 09:18 pm (local)
Very Sad News!
Oh, Dandy! I'm so sorry! May she binky in peace! We will all miss her wisdom and will remember her very fondly! We should all eat a treat in her memory.

Jan. 10th, 2005 09:25 pm (local)
Re: Very Sad News!
Please all of you. Celebrate her life. Have the wake to end all wakes... But I trust you will forgive me if just this once I don't join in.

Jan. 10th, 2005 09:52 pm (local)
Re: Very Sad News!
Yes, we will all have a great wake in her honour. And we will certainly forgive you. I hope your 2foots are giving you extra attention and snuggles. She was a great bun who will be sorely missed! The Rainbow Bridge has gained another star.

Hugs from me!

Jan. 10th, 2005 11:22 pm (local)
I'm so sorry - everyone could tell how fond the two of you were of each other.

We'll all see her over the rainbow bridge one day.

Jan. 11th, 2005 05:08 am (local)
my sympathies
i found your journal ages ago and have read it daily for over a year now. i am very sorry for your loss.

Jan. 11th, 2005 07:46 am (local)
So Sorry
We are so sorry Dandy about your best girl flopsy girl, and we are very grateful to her for all the advice she has provided to us buns in her problem page.

Take care Dandy,

Lovae Willow and Casper

Jan. 11th, 2005 07:56 am (local)
Dandy I feel sorry for your lost. We will be here over the bridge welcome Flopsy Girl. She will be well here free of all illness. I just worry about you....don't have a bunny keep you warm.... How are you doing?

Henry and Muffin
Jan. 11th, 2005 09:25 am (local)
So sorry
Hello Dandy
We are both really sorry that your best girl has gone away. Both you and your 2foots must be very upset. At least she wasn't taken away from home and you gave her some special licks before she went. We're sure she had a very happy life with you. We send you lots of fluffy cuddles in sympathy.
Love from Henry and Muffin xxx

Jan. 11th, 2005 10:40 am (local)
We're sorry to hear that Flopsy has gone to the Bridge, but don't worry Dandy she'll be ok at the bridge, you need to keep going, and look after yourself properly, it's what Hawthorn failed to do when Bramble left. If you want I'm sure your 2foots will take you off to Bunny Camp and find a nice girl to look after you and take away your sorrow. Marjoram assures us that there are still lots of nice girlies there.

Run free little Flopsy

The pack

Bramble, Damson and Birch
Jan. 11th, 2005 10:47 am (local)
Don't worry Dandy, Flopsy has made it to the Bridge. She met up with Blackberry and there was lots of binkying going on. They say they'll be here when you decide to join them, but don't make it too soon as they've got a lot of catching up to do and bucks just get in the way. She says she'll check in on you to check your ok, and your not to forget everything she's taught you, and don't forget the occasional squidgy poo in the 2foots shoes...

Bramble, Damson and Birch

Jan. 17th, 2005 02:24 am (local)
I'm so sorry for you Dandy, and your 2-foots. I know you will all really miss Flopsy Girl but at least she went peacefully, it was just her time to go. You were lucky to have her for so long and she was very lucky to have had all of you.

I'm sorry this message is so late - obviously it has been chaos up here since Flopsy arrived and I didn't have chance to check you journal.

I have to admit I'm a bit jealous as all the does, including my Violet, have spent so much time with Flopsy - gossiping and chatting about their problems - that us bucks are barely getting a look in. I can already tell that she is going to be a very bad influence . . .

Love Melster x x x

Jan. 17th, 2005 02:01 pm (local)
My Best Girl
Hi Melster:

Please take good care of my best girl until it's time for me to join her.

Jan. 18th, 2005 01:36 am (local)
Re: My Best Girl
Dandy I will do my best and will certainly keep an eye on her, but she is a very sassy bun who thinks she needs NO looking after!!
She says she can look after herself just fine, and that she only allowed you to 'think' you were taking care of her so you would forgive her for hoovering up all the treats! She is telling all the other does that in reality it was HER looking after YOU!!


Jan. 18th, 2005 02:55 pm (local)
Re: My Best Girl
You know I would not argue with one word of that!

Jan. 11th, 2005 10:52 am (local)
Oh Dandy, we are so very sorry we know how much you loved her so. She will always be watching over you. All your bunns friends send you huge hugs.

Percy, Rosie and Dudley
Jan. 11th, 2005 01:51 pm (local)
Oh Dandy you poor bun. Flopsy girl was such a character and we got to know her through your journal and pictures. She'll be sorely missed by many buns and their 2-foots.

Binky free Flopsy girl, just don't forget to keep an eye on your boy back here as well.

Percy, Rosie and Dudley

Jan. 11th, 2005 03:54 pm (local)
My best girl has gone away
Dear Dandybun

I am so sorry to hear your girl has passed over the Rainbow Bridge. I know how you feel as I too lost my girl Jessica last august, she went to the doctors and didn't come home and I miss her so much as do my 2 foot's. Just remember as long as she is in your heart and your thoughts she'll never be gone and you too will pass over the Rainbow bridge one day and there she'll be waiting for you with a nice fresh lettuce leaf or may be even a carrot. Until then live life to the full and remember we're here for you. Lots of Love and Licks Gizmo xx

Jan. 11th, 2005 04:18 pm (local)

Dear Dandy, please post today if you feel up to it so we know you are ok! We know how much Flopsy Girl meant to you. A true love story! Remember she will always be with you as long as you keep her in your heart. And the Spirit Buns have reported that she's over there and doing well. Some day, hopefully a very very long time from now, we will all join her. Meanwhile, eat toast in her honour and do a squishy poo for your 2foots just because.

Jan. 12th, 2005 07:19 pm (local)
we're all so sorry Dandy. Flopsy was such a smart, talented and wonderful bun. We will miss her so very much. We know she'll be waiting for you across the Rainbow bridge.

~Arwen, Strider and Samwise

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