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Dandy's Journal revisited

15 years ago today, Dandy was trying to get the better of Millie Bun

A Cunning Plan
Jan. 17th, 2005 at 10:09 PM

I've decided that this new bun Millie is going to have to earn her keep, so I thought I'd start by giving her an IMPOSSIBLE task!!! I've told her that she has to write the next agony column in Bunny Camp News, so please send lots of really difficult questions so we can see what kind of mess she makes of it.
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Jan. 18th, 2005 01:17 am (local)
Oooo, you do have a very mean side Dandy ..... teehee!

Jan. 18th, 2005 08:20 am (local)
Problems ahead for the problem page!
Oh dear, you may need to coach her Dandy! How long does she have to prepare herself? Does she have the suitable life experience to deal with our complex problems?

Perhaps Flopsy Girl could 'possess' her while she is writing her answers . . . at least until she gets into the swing of it.

Jan. 18th, 2005 12:30 pm (local)
Hi! He, he, he! I think that's a good idea! But I'll bet she's up to it! After all, she IS a doe! Hmm. I'll have to think of a really hard question and get back to you. Let me think on this a while...

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