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It's time for the results of this weeks voting

If you remember, we all voted this week on what punishments we should give the 2-foots when they misbehave. Here are the results:-

1. 2-foots staying out late
There was some disagreement on this one, but with a majority of 2 votes, it was decided that this should attract the most severe punishment.

2. 2-foots making a lot of noise during the day which interrupts our sleep time
The decision was unanimous. Everybun voted that this should attract the most severe punishment.

3. 2-foots banging on those wooden boxes with strings, or blowing down things and making a general racket
Again, a unanimous decision. The most severe punishment.

4. 2-foots having the light up box on too loud, or too late
A lot of disagreement on this, but by a majority of just one vote, this is a light punishment.

5. 2-foots bringing our food late
Unanimouous. The most severe punishment

6. 2-foots blocking certain areas so that we cannot get to them
More disagreement, but again with a one vote majority, this is to be a light punishment.

7. 2-foots eating stinky foods
By a majority of 3 votes, this is to be the most severe punishment

8. 2-foots burning things
Unanimous, the most severe punishment

9. 2-foots trying to get away with giving us inferior food
By a majority of 3 votes, the most severe punishment

10. 2-foots giving treats less than once a day
Unanimous - The most severe punishment.

11. 2-foots not giving us any greens
Again unanimous. The most severe punishment.

12. 2-foots not providing enough toys
A lot of disagreement, but by a majority of 1 vote, the most severe punishment

13. 2-foots not using the big white things properly to make sure that we are cool in summer and warm in winter
By a majority of 3 votes, the most severe punishment.

14. 2-foots trying to stop us chewing certain things
By a majority of 1, medium punishment.

So if you add all that together, you will see that there are :-

2 light punishments
1 medium punishment
11 most severe punishments.

I think you will all agree that we have been very lenient with the 2-foots, and that we have given them no reason at all why they should complain.

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