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Two important things

First of all, and most important.... TODAY IS MY BIRTHDAY, I AM 3!!!

Secondly, this weeks Bunny-mint votes

1. From Pres-I-Dent Merridoe - I propose every bunny gets a warm spot like by the Pooter for cold days! Or maybe some nice warm shredding or blankie...

20 votes for and none against, so you need to start letting your 2-foots know which warm spot you would like.

2. From Pry Minister Dandy - I propose that we stop limiting ourselves to voting just once a week. In future, if somebun has a good idea, we should vote on it there and then, and if there are no ideas, then we won't have a vote until there are.

12 votes for, and 8 against, so this too is carried. I will start tomorrow letting you vote on things as and when they are suggested.

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