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First of all, I need to say thank you to Merry for her lovely card, it was delicious!

Now to the votes:-

1. From Brambles Pack - We propose that now that christmas is nearly here, we have heard that you are meant to send each other cards that you can then chew when christmas has been. We propose that we send each other a christmas card.
This was agreed unanimously, so let's get started as soon as possible (We already have one from Merry)

2. Tayberry (who is lucky I am including this after the comments made) proposes that all buns should be given a carboard tube to play with.
Another unanimous agreement, so we all should let our 2-foots know that they need to get tubes for us.

3. From Samwise - Storms should be banned.
Three votes for, and one against, so storms ARE banned. Me and Flopsy girl think that this is a good thing, as we have thought for a long time that our 2-foot with no fur on the top of his head probably had it blown off in a storm.

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